Holistic, evidence-based treatments for optimal healing and recovery.

Bladder & Bowel

These issues are embarrassing to talk about and even more difficult to live with. However, there is hope! Once we discover the root of the problem and tailor your treatment plan appropriately, you will begin experiencing relief from your symptoms.


Pelvic Pain

Pain can happen anywhere in or within the pelvis and can often extend into your legs or low back. Sometimes it's easy to pinpoint exactly where your pain is, or it may feel vague and deep inside of you. Amazing improvements can happen once we listen to your body and treat your specific needs.


Sexual Dysfunction

When it comes to problems with intimacy, the emotional impact cannot be separated from the physical issue. For many, especially women of faith, sex has been shoved into the dark and wrapped tightly in shame. There is so much freedom when you see the beauty in how you were created and get the specific treatment you need.


Pregnancy & Postpartum

The beautiful and miraculous season of pregnancy is also filled with some things that are not so pretty or fun. Then, the season shifts to having this sweet, perfect baby out of your body and into your arms. You can be left feeling deflated and in pieces physically, mentally, and emotionally...but you are not alone. There are so many effective treatments that can get you on the path to recovery, healing, and hope.


Orthopedic Conditions

Having pain that makes everyday tasks difficult or even impossible is very frustrating. This can be an acute pain that recently began or chronic pain that you've dealt with for years. It can include joint, muscle, or nerve pain anywhere in your body. Peeling away the layers and treating the root of the issue will get you back to feeling able and confident in your body again.



Whether you enjoy running, strength training, cycling, pilates, sports, CrossFit, or group exercise, there is help for whatever limitation you may be dealing with. Exercise should be improving your overall health, not causing you more problems. I’m here to help you continue doing what you love without pesky pains or issues.


Dry Needling

Dry Needling is an effective adjunct for the treatment of a various neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions. This skilled intervention provides a targeted tissue reset that allows subsequent treatments to be even more effective. Imagine trying to build a house on unlevel, rocky ground – doesn’t work very well or stand up to added pressures. Dry needling can help level the ground in order to build off of a solid foundation.


Wellness Visits

Orthopedic Wellness Visits are ideal for women who aren’t experiencing any pain or limitations, but are looking to improve their overall health and prevent injuries. I’m here to support you in beginning or continuing your exercise or activity of choice before issues arise.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Wellness Visits are ideal for women in this season of life who have no underlying dysfunctions or symptoms, but are interested in learning better strategies for safe exercise during pregnancy, birth preparation, and safe return to exercise postpartum.

Education and Instruction